Tornado tears down power cables, rips through buildings in China


A fire breaks out near a power substation in Foshan city.

Gulf Today Report

A power tornado wreaked havoc in the Chinese city of Foshan on Sunday, ripping off power lines, uprooting trees and damaging buildings.

Local media said the extreme weather on Sunday morning caused power outages in many places, and some subway stations services were temporarily suspended.

The media said the powerful tornado also hit Conghua District of Guangzhou last Thursday night.

Footage taken by residents show strong winds blowing away cars and roofs of buildings.

Residents said the tornado caused severe damage to electrical equipment, causing explosions and sparks.

The local meteorological department stated that the tornado lasted about 1 minute and left a trail of damages but no casualties. The Civil Defence said at least 24 factories’ iron sheds, many cars and many billboards were blown away.

This is the second time in a week that Guangdong has been hit by a tornado.

The tornado in Guangzhou’s Conghua District caused power outages to 5,400 households.

Heavy rainstorms caused damage to power supply lines, affecting Qudong Village, Shuinan Village, Taiping Village.

Conghua Power Supply Bureau initiated a first-level emergency response, sent power outage messages and electricity reminders to affected users and village committees, and carried out fault inspection and emergency repair work.

Mainland media checked the weather radar of the Guangzhou Meteorological Observatory and found that there were strong convective echoes at 7:30 p.m. in the south of Conghua District.

The Guangdong Provincial Meteorological Public Service Center explained that red to purple echoes also appeared in the northern part of Guangzhou City, and the rainfall intensity was very heavy, usually accompanied by thunderstorms, strong winds, and even hail and tornadoes. Citizens should find a safe place and pay attention to civil defense instructions.


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