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Travel bookings soar by 195% ahead Eid Al Fitr holidays

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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

dnata Travel announced that the total volume of domestic and international travel bookings for the Eid Al Fitr holidays has increased by 195% so far, compared to the total bookings made during the same Eid holiday last year.

The number of international travel bookings for the Eid holidays increased this year, with 65% of customers in the UAE choosing destinations around the world, and 35% choosing local stays.

This is compared to 68% of customers who booked stays in the country and 32% preferred vacations outside the country during the Eid holiday in 2021.

The five most popular destinations, according to dnata Travel, in the UAE during the Eid Al Fitr holidays so far are: the Maldives, the UAE, Turkey, Mauritius and the Sultanate of Oman.

Emily Jenkins, General Manager, dnata Travel Leisure, said: “In 2021, accommodations in the UAE and the Indian Ocean were the most popular with customers in the country, who booked a holiday during the Eid Al Fitr holiday. Although these two destinations are still very popular, this year, as more destinations reopen, we are seeing an expansion of travel options across Asia, Europe and North America.”

She added: “The demand for travel has increased with many countries reopening their borders to tourism, or easing or canceling travel restrictions related to the pandemic. Bali and Singapore, in particular, which have recently re-accepted tourists, are starting to gain traction, while Thailand is fast climbing the top 10 destinations for holiday bookings. The Maldives has maintained its position as the first choice, with high demand since early March after the cancellation of examination requirements for fully vaccinated travellers.

dnata Travel’s team of travel experts have also announced increases in length of stay and average value per booking, as customers look to extend their trips and choose to book full packages, including hotels, flights, transportation, destination experiences, insurance and more.



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