Two Asian chefs jailed and fined on theft charges


Photo used for illustrative purpose.

Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced two Asian chefs to three months in jail to be followed by deportation and fined them Dhs63,500 on charges of stealing Dhs60,000, a mobile phone and official documents from the owner of a villa they worked for.

The case dated back to October last year when an Asian investor filed a complaint in which he stated that he had been robbed by two chefs who were working in his villa.

The complainant added that one day before he discovered the theft, he contacted a company for recruiting chefs specializing in cooking Chinese meals. Two people contacted him and he agreed that they work for him in his villa.

The victim stated in the investigations that the following day he discovered that his personal bag containing Dhs45,000 and his passport were missing together with another bag that belonged to his colleague and contained Dhs15,000 and her mobile phone.

After checking the villa’s surveillance cameras, the victim found that the two chefs had stolen the two bags and consequently called the police.

A policeman stated in the investigations that a team of detectives managed to arrest one of the suspects who confessed that he agreed with his colleague to rob the villa owner as the latter and his colleague were away from their bags in the villa corridor.

The suspect admitted that his share of the money amounting to Dhs25,000 had been transferred to his home country.



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