Two Asians jailed and fined on theft charges in Dubai


Picture used for illustrative purpose.

Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

Two Asians stole 40 gallons of diesel and a water pump from a truck for transporting petroleum products while sitting together and drinking alcoholic beverages in a sandy parking area in Jebel Ali. Three days later, they tried to do the same but were caught by the truck driver. The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced the two defendants to two months in jail to be followed by deportation and fined them Dhs5,300.

The case dated back to this month when a driver filed a complaint that his truck had been robbed while it was parking. According to his statement in the investigations, he saw two people, one of them getting on the truck and putting one end of a plastic hose into the tank of the truck and the other putting the other end in a plastic container and trying to fill it.

The complainant added that he managed to catch the two defendants and report the incident to the police. A police patrol arrested the defendants with a container containing 40 gallons of diesel, a water pump and other items in their possession.

A policeman testified in the investigations that one of the defendants confessed to the crime, stating that three days before they were caught, he and the other defendant were drinking alcoholic beverages when he suggested that they steal petroleum products from a truck that was parking in the same place.

As the truck owner did not notice, the two defendants tried to repeat what they did three days later. They, however, did not notice that the truck owner was close to them and they were caught.



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