Two Emiratis rescue mother and four children from drowning in Ras Al Khaimah


Picture used for illustrative purpose only.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

An Emirati fisherman, Abdullah Qasin, and his brother Nadir, on Friday rescued, with the help of an Asian national, an Emirati mother and four children from drowning in Khor Al Rams, Ras Al Khaimah.

Nadir and the Asian man took the rescued persons to land and called the national ambulance, which transported them to hospital for treatment.

Abdullah said that he was with the family on a cruise on Friday in Khor Al Rams when he heard screams for help about 200 metres away.

He added that when he turned off the cruiser’s engine, he heard a child screaming and calling for help as he was drowning with the others.

Abdullah reportedly attempted to reach them, but the low water of the creek made the cruiser’s engine hit the sand.

“I got off the cruiser with my brother Nadir and hurried to the place of the mother and the children, and an Asian worker came to help us,” he added.

The mother was reportedly drowning and very exhausted, but the two brothers and the Asian man carried them to land – and safety.

“The mother was out of breath and could hardly speak as she was in shock after swallowing water,” he added.

He pointed out that they called the national ambulance, which took them to hospital for treatment.

Shaima Al Shehhi, the rescued mother, said she went with her two children, Amna, 7, Youssef, 8, and her nephew and niece, Mansour, 8 and Fatima, 10, to take a walk in the creek when the water was low but it suddenly rose rapidly due to the tide, and they got dragged away by the current.

She added that she fell on her back and was pulled into the creek while the children started screaming for help.

She explained she tried to carry the children on a swimming float which they had and asked them to hang on to it to reach land, but soon they fell into the water.

“I could not move, and minutes later Abdullah, Nadir and an Asian worker came quickly and took the children to land and called the ambulance,” she added.

She pointed out that  they were discharged from hospital on Saturday after their condition was stable.


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