Two jailed for looting money


Photo has been used for illustrative purpose.

Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Court of Misdemeanours in Dubai sentenced two Asians to two months in prison each and fined them jointly Dhs50,000 for embezzling the amount of the fine from an Asian visitor. The convicts would be deported after serving the penalty.

The case dates back to last April, when an Asian visitor reported the theft of 50,000 Saudi riyals that he had in his possession. The visitor indicated that he had asked an Asian person to help him exchange an amount in Saudi riyals into Emirati dirhams, as he was a visitor and had not an Emirates ID card to deal with the exchange office. That person accepted to help the visitor and both went to an exchange office in the Naif area.

The visitor added that the suspect received 50,000 riyals from him and handed it over to the exchange office employee, and after the latter handed over the money in dirhams to the suspect, the latter fled with the money outside the exchange office.


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