Two Omani fishermen found off Pakistan after missing in the sea for 10 days


Omanis react to the news of the rescue of two youth.

Rashid Al Nuaimi, Staff Reporter

After 10 days of non-stop search for two Omani young men, Ali and Salem, who went missing while they were fishing in deep sea, they were spotted offshore Pakistan on their boat by a ship belonging to the Pakistani Navy.

From that ship the two young men made a phone call to their families in Oman, who were overwhelmed by happiness when they heard voice of their missing sons and reassured that they are alright. It is said that the monsoons swept them away towards coasts of Pakistan.

Both Ali and Salem, who are from Neyabat Al Ashkhara village of Jaalan Bani Bu Ali State, were reported missing on Thursday, June 9, after they had gone for fishing, until they were found on Saturday, June 18.

According to the Omani Fishermen Association, the missing people went on a 25-foot-long boat powered by a 200-horsepower engine.

Oman-rescue-2 Ali and Salem.

They were last seen by fishermen in Deira 345, which is 58 miles from Al Ashkharah.

Rashid bin Salem Al Jaafari, the elder brother of one of the missing persons, indicated that they had left since Thursday dawn, but they did not return until the afternoon of the same day, as they used to do, so they reported their missing to the Royal Oman Police.

Salman Al Farsi, Secretary of the Omani Fishermen Association in Masirah Island, had expected that they could be swept towards the Pakistani coasts by the force of ocean currents that blow towards that direction.

Earlier, the Royal Oman Police confirmed that the efforts to search for the missing at sea off the coast of the Al Ashkharah area continued around the clock in cooperation with the police air wing and the Coast Guard police boats, with the participation of the Royal Air Force of Oman and a group of citizens. In addition, the Omani Air Force dispatched a reconnaissance aircraft to search for them.



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