Two varsity students die after old projectile explodes at their home in Muscat


Ambulances and police vehicles seen outside house where projectile exploded.

Gulf Today Report

Two university students studying in the state of Nizwa in Oman died after an old projectile exploded in their residence. It turned out that the two students had found the projectile in the nearby mountains and kept it without knowing it was dangerous.

According to the Omani police, the preliminary investigations showed that the two students, who were studying at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences, were tampering with objects suspected to be very old projectiles that they found in one of the mountainous areas of Nizwa.

Muscat-projectile-1-750x450An image of the projectile.

While investigations are still ongoing to determine the cause of the incident, the police called on people not to tamper or deal with any suspected objects and to report them immediately to the nearest police station.

Videos posted on social media showed the projectile before exploding and causing the death of the two young men.


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