UAE health authorities stress on safety protocols in its last briefing on COVID-19 situation


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE health authorities on Wednesday announced the end of periodic beriefings on COVID-19 situation in the country  based on  indicators and developments related to the epidemiological situation,

However, they emphasised that all sectors of the state, in coordination and cooperation with all concerned parties, must continue to evaluate and study the epidemiological situation locally and internationally.

Authorities said that through diligent national follow-up, country has achieved big success in containing the pandemic, most notably distributing free safe vaccines to all segments of society that exceeded 97% of the population.

Vaccinations contributed to a decrease in the daily infection rate, and a reduction in the number of deaths.

Authorities urged residents to preserve the gains against pandemic and enhance the continuity of a new normal life.

“It requires all of us to adhere to precautionary measures, and given the recovery indicators that have been achieved, it is our duty to promote self-responsibility in order to preserve the safety of individuals and society,” official said at the beirfing.

Official called upon all to adhere to all precautionary and preventive measures, and reminded all to wear masks and apply quarantine in case of injury.

Official also stressed on applying physical distancing, continuous sterilisation and other preventive measures.








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