UAE ministry issues COVID-19 guidelines for safe summer vacation

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has issued COVID-19 preventative measures for safe summer vacations.

The ministry urged Emiratis and residents to check with the travel destinations before starting the journey and therefore urged everyone to follow the COVID-19 protocols of the respective countries during their stay.

The Ministry said on Twitter, “Make sure you follow COVID-19 preventative measures when travelling for summer vacations.

“#TogetherWeRecover campaign aims to raise awareness on such necessary measures for your safety.

Your mental and physical wellbeing is everything! #MOHRE.”

Emiratis and residents before traveling must comply with the preventive measures and directions of COVID-19 at the airports, such as wearing facemask, physical spacing, checking the temperature.

In the event that the person suffers from high temperature or has symptoms of respiratory disease, the individual will be isolated and evaluated by the health center at the airports, if he/she is suspected to have Covid-19, they will be referred to the health authorities in the emirate.

While travelling, continuous self-health monitoring with knowledge of the symptoms of COVID-19 virus that must be paid attention to, he/she must consult a doctor to assess the health as soon as possible.

The demand for air travel is rising and is set to reach its peak by July end.

Travels agencies across the UAE are seeing a surge in bookings on almost all the sectors.

Keeping this in mind UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention has issued fresh COVID-19  and monkeypox guidelines for all who wish to travel abroad in the coming months.

Before travelling

• Check the Covid-I9 stats in areas where a new

variety is spreading and travel only if necessary.

• Vulnerable individuals such as the elderly, diabetics, and those with cardiovascular diseases must avoid traveling to areas where the virus is spreading unless necessary.

• Complete the recommended doses of the vaccine

While travelling

• Wash your hands regularly (with soap and water or sanitizers with 70% alcohol)

• Maintain physical distance with others

▪ Avoid crowded places

• Consult your doctor immediately if you feel sick

• Comply with local Covid-19 guidelines for travelling, transportation and gatherings

After travelling

• Conduct a PCR test to ensure your safety and avoid spreading the virus.


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