UAE residents must follow these COVID-19 guidelines to avoid getting infected


Photo used for illustrative purpose.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter    

The UAE Ministry of Health said that negligence and reckless behaviours in following precautionary measures led to the rise of COVID-19 cases in the UAE.

Such carelessness in maintaining public health and acquired immunity resulted in the rise of infections, and new waves of the virus.

The authorities said that the public must follow the guidelines:

—Wear facemask in closed places

— Avoid crowding

— Take precaution while traveling

—Make sure of the SOPs you need follow in the destination country

— Check the travel destination through the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

— Not to neglect periodic checks.

The experts said that that Covid-19 is still present, and our first line of defense is still responding to it with the aim of protecting lives and national gains, and for the purpose of protecting you and your loved ones from its spread, and our duty today is to preserve the great and mighty efforts that the state has reached, which should not be in vain.

The authorities said, “We stress the importance of community members’ commitment and adherence to all instructions received from the health and concerned authorities, and adherence to all precautionary measures, which is one of the most important factors supporting national efforts and the health and safety of individuals with the aim of strengthening the community’s immunity and protection.”



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