UAE residents rethink summer travel plans as airfares shoot up


Picture used for illustrative purpose only.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Air travel from UAE to India is skyrocketing and is certain to create a big hole in travellers’ pockets.As schools close for summer vacations and Eid Al Adha is around the corner airlines have increased the fare by almost around 50%.

For example, a round trip from Dubai to Delhi is around Dhs2,300 which a few months ago was just Dhs1,600.

Similarly, the airfares for a round trip from Dubai to Kerala destinations now costs something between Dhs2,400 and Dhs2,800.

The airfare form Dubai to Kolkata round trip is around Dhs3,400 to Dhs3,500

Some residents are now planning to postpone or cancel their travel plan as ticket prices around Eid Al Adha is beyond their budget.

In fact some residents are chalking out plans to go to some European nations as the travel expenses are almost the same as travelling to India.

According to few travel agents ticket prices are likely to go down after mid-July, but they say at the same time the prices of flight back to Dubai will start rising.




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