UAE urges pilgrims to strictly adhere to precautionary health measures


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The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHaP) has urged all pilgrims and the wider community to follow necessary health instructions and precautions needed before and during travel, and to take basic and optional vaccinations including COVID-19 vaccines before leaving to Saudi Arabia for Hajj.

The ministry also urged pilgrims, especially those suffering from chronic diseases, to visit health centres before travelling to Saudi Arabia to ensure they are able to perform Hajj and to take the required doses of COVID-19 vaccines according to the protocols approved by health authorities.

Dr Hussain Abdul Rahman Al Rand, Assistant Under-Secretary for the Public Health Sector, stressed that MoHAP attaches great importance to protecting the health and safety of pilgrims, especially those with chronic diseases, the elderly and pregnant women, adding that the ministry provides free tests such as pressure and diabetes and constantly launches awareness programmes and campaigns targeting pilgrims, in line with its strategy to develop the country’s health system and protect the community from all risks and communicable diseases.

He noted that the UAE’s competent authorities concerned with organising pilgrimage campaigns are in constant coordination to maintain the health and safety of all pilgrims and the wider society and to prevent all potential health risks, including the spread of infectious and chronic diseases.

Dr Al Rand highlighted the importance of taking vaccinations, given that it’s considered the most successful and effective preventive measures against infectious diseases, urging all pilgrims to take basic and optional vaccinations before heading to Saudi Arabia, such as vaccines against meningitis, seasonal influenza and pneumococcal infections. He also emphasised that the ministry provides vaccinations in all its health facilities.

MoHaP also called on all pilgrims to adhere to all precautionary measures to avoid any health problems during Hajj, including the exposure to heat exhaustion and physical stress to minimise the chances of contracting some diseases and health problems. They were also urged to follow healthy diet.





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