UAE warns people against spreading rumours about health situation in country


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE authorities have urged people to obtain health and scientific information from official and reliable sources only to avoid any legal accountability.

Authorities have warned people against spreading or circulating rumours.

With the monitoring of the first case of monkeypox in the country, official stressed that all health authorities in the country are currently studying and evaluating the situation, in order to ensure their readiness and readiness to face any cases that may be monitored.


Authorities recommend everyone to take all necessary preventive and health measures in order to prevent and reduce the risk of infection with any viral disease in order to preserve the health and safety of our society.

Monkeypox is a rare zoonotic disease, endemic to West and Central Africa since the fifties, and there have been several cases of outbreaks of the virus in the African continent and abroad, most of which were limited.




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