Ukrainian students hold prom dance among ruins of their school bombed by Russians


Students dance during the prom.

Gulf Today Report

Students of Specialized School #134 in Kharkiv put up a spirited display of resistance as they danced in front of the ruins of their Alma mater bombed and heavily damaged by Russian forces. 

The emotional video showed the shattered windows and scorched walls with a handful of Ukrainians dancing in the courtyard of what used to be a basketball court.

In a 45-second-long video taken by Ukraine’s public broadcaster SUSPILNE NEWS and shared by Ukraine’s foreign ministry, shows, “students performing “their prom waltz” in front of their bombed-out school in the country’s second-largest city Kharkiv.”

The students can be seen in the video performing a coordinated dance to a slow song.

Behind them, a Ukrainian military vehicle sits next to a group of soldiers.

Spectators standing on the grounds could be seen using their phones to film and take photos.

The school was destroyed days after Russia invaded Ukraine in late February and later became an “outpost” for Russian troops, the Foreign Ministry said in its tweet.

Inna Sovsun, a member of Ukraine’s parliament and the country’s former deputy education minister said on Twitter, “Today, #Ukrainian alumni in #Kharkiv should happily celebrate their prom.

Instead, they danced a graduation dance in the courtyard of their school, which was destroyed by the #russian MLRS.”

During Russia’s 15-week war against Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin’s forces routinely targeted schools, among other civilian areas such as hospitals and shelters, across the country.


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