Up to Dhs500,000 fine, jail for obtaining others’ passwords without permission


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE Public Prosecution has warned public against obtaining others’ password, passcodes, secret number or any other such details without permission is a punishable act.

It includes obtaining access or enabling another person to obtain access to the website, the electronic information system, the data network, or the means of information technology, for the purpose of committing a crime.

Public prosecution on obating passcode without permit

In a post on its social media platform Public Prosecution said violators will be jailed for up to six months and /or a fine of not less that Dhs300,000 which could go up to not more than Dhs500,000.

In its post it further said that penalty is in accordance to Article No.34 of 2021 for combating electronic crime and rumour.



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