US restaurant waitress gets $3,000 tip for a $13 bill


The restaurant receipt shows $3,000 tip along with $13.25 bill.

Gulf Today Report

A waitress at a restaurant in the US city of Pennsylvania couldn’t believe her luck when she got $3,000 tip for a $13 bill.

Mariana Lambert was surprised by the huge ‘tip’ of $ 3000 from a customer outside the city, and expressed her happiness on the benevolent act of the customer.

She said that now she will be able to pay some bills, and perhaps spend a happy vacation with her family.

“The amount means a lot to me, because i was going through a financial distress.”

Mariana said: “I did services at the Alfredo Pizza in Scranton, and received a ‘tip’ of $3,000, plus $13.

Matt Martini, the cafe manager, said he spoke to the customer, Eric Smith, who made it clear that he was out of town and that he knew what he was doing, and that there was nothing wrong.


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