VIDEO: 10-year-old Iraqi child sneaks past 7 security checkpoints at Najaf airport, enters the plane


A combo image shows the boy sneaking past the security checkpoints at Najaf airport.

Gulf Today Report

A video clip went viral showing a 10-year-old child Iraqi child breaching 7 security checkpoints at Najaf Airport and getting inside one of the planes without being stopped.

The video showed the child crossing the checkpoints casually as if he was trained to do this.

The video shows the child was sticking to families pretending as if he is with them through the checkpoints.

The authorities said, “The child was close to people so airport security felt that he was with the family.

He did not walk alone because someone would have noticed and caught him.

He crossed the checkpoint and waited for a family to clear so that he could walk with them.”
The authorities continued, “The child cleared all the checkpoints, and none of the inspectors could notice him.”

The Najaf airport authorities in southern Iraq announced, last Wednesday, that they would reconsider their security procedures after the ten-year-old child managed to bypass seven security checkpoints and reach a plane bound for Iran.

The plane’s staff finally reported the child to the airport authorities.

The child was later questioned.


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