VIDEO: Abu Dhabi Police list 12 ways to protect children from drowning in swimming pools


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Police have determine 12 ways to protect children from drowning in swimming pools.

As part of the “Safe Summer” campaign, Abu Dhabi Police warned families of the danger of leaving children unsupervised in swimming pools, stressing the need to accompany them and intensify supervision over them to avoid drowning accidents.

The police explained that neglect is a major cause of child drowning accidents, which requires not being distracted by them.

The police pointed out that there are following 12 ways to protect children from drowning in home swimming pools.

– Children should not use the swimming pools on their own.

– A safe fence must be put around the pools.

– Kids must be taught how to swim properly.

– The floor surrounding the swimming pool shouldn’t be slippery.

– Children must be provided with floating collars, tools and life jackets.

– Children shouldn’t not get distracted while swimming.

– Parents should avoid using phones while their children are swimming.

– Parents must learn the principles of first aid.

– Doors leading to swimming pools should be locked when not in use.

– Children under 3 should not be allowed to enter pool.

– Fixed ladders and metal handles should be placed around pool.

– Safety instructions should not be ignored.




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