VIDEO: Angry ducks attack youth who wanted to photograph ducklings in Moscow


A combo image shows the ducks attacking the man.

Gulf Today Report

In a hilarious video, that has gone viral on social media, shows ducks attacking a man who was trying to protect the chicks in the streets of Moscow.

The incident drew funny reactions from all strata of the community in Russia.  

A Moscow community administrator joked, “The guy wanted to make a video with ducklings, but their parents know the law on the prohibition of filming minors, and attacked the criminal.”

The footage showed how a Muscovite tried to feed the ducklings and film them.

At that moment, two adult ducks flew up to him and drove him away from the chicks. The video showed the angry ducks chasing the man through the entire area. It was learned that the man left the area as the ducks stood their ground.

A social media user wrote, “Serves him right, why did he bother them…

Though the video is hilarious.”

Recently, a swarm of wild bees was spotted in a residential complex in Moscow.

The scene horrified the netizens.


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