VIDEO: Another Iraqi shoots at a cigarette placed on a child’s mouth, arrested


A combo image shows the man aiming at the cigarette.

Gulf Today Report

The Dhi Qar province in southern Iraq witnessed a horrific incident, where a man put a child’s life at risk in order to show off his shooting skills. The authorities arrested him.

The Security Media Cell said in a statement, on Tuesday that it was able to arrest a person after obtaining judicial approvals.

A video published on social media platforms showed his illegal use of weapons and shooting, with the clear abuse that this entails.

The act was a societal threat to the life of a minor child.

The authorities added that the accused’s statements were recorded and referred to the competent judicial authorities.

The Iraqi National Security Agency confirmed that it would continue to monitor such cases and take the necessary legal measures to address them because of the threat they pose to the lives of civilians.

In a similar incident, another Iraqi man trying to show his shooting skills with his Kalashnikov rifle put a target on his daughter’s mouth. The video sparked outrage in social media platforms.

The video, in which the man apparently wanted to show his shooting skills, has angered netizens to the extent that there is a call to impose the severest penalty on him.

In the video the Iraqi man can be seen carrying the gun and boasting of what he is doing.

The man in video first asks his daughter, who seems to be around 6-10 years’ old, to stand still and then he puts a plastic or glass bottle in her mouth and positions himself to shoot at the bottle from a few metres’ distance.

The man fires from his weapon and the bullet directly hit the target in the girl’s mouth, according to the newspaper.

This reckless and dangerous act drew angry reactions on social media.

Netizens expressed astonishment at this father’s bad behaviour, calling on the concerned authorities to arrest him and impose suitable punishment.


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