VIDEO: Bragging zookeeper loses finger after putting it inside lion’s mouth in front of horrified visitors


A combo image shows the lion attacking the zookeeper.

Gulf Today Report

A daring stunt by a Jamaican zoo ranger, who put his hand in a lion’s mouth and tried to harass it, turned into real moments of horror when the lion attacked him and bit his finger off in front of visitors.

The shocking video went viral on social networking sites.

The zookeeper appears to be trying to brag in front of visitors of his ability to put his hand in the lion’s mouth.

The video also highlighted the fact the man ignored the lion’s roar, but when he put his fingers in his mouth, he started screaming.

Seeing this incident, the hearts of the people standing there shook.

The zoo operator was constantly trying to get his finger out of the net. At the same time, the lion was also not ready to give up its hold.

An eyewitness to this traumatic incident told that till the time this was happening, I thought it was a joke. I didn’t know the truth about it for a long time, because that’s how zookeeper’s work. But when he fell on the ground, everyone came to know that the incident was true and there was a stir.

The front part of his finger was completely missing. 

The witness also explained that despite the guard’s injuries, he managed to get away and board a truck before he drove off, apparently to the nearest hospital.

The visitor indicated that the skin had completely disappeared, as well as the first joint of his finger.

This zoo is located in Santa Cruz. It has many animals including zebras, monkeys, and crocodiles.

Zoo representatives said they were not aware of the incident. But the Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has confirmed that they are investigating the incident.


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