VIDEO: Couple riding scooter falls into a waterlogged ditch, video goes viral


A videograb shows scooty going into the drain.

Gulf Today Report

Parts of India is experiencing heavy rain for the last few days which has hit the normal lives of the people.

Roads are submerged, traffic signals are not working at places and commuters are facing all sorts of troubles while navigating through flooded roads.

One such road user in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh has a worst  experience of his life while driving a scooty with his wife as a pillion rider.

While trying to navigate through a flooded street the scooty falls into a open manhole, which wasn’t visible to the naked eyes because the street was waterlogged.

The video of the accident has gone viral and netizens are questioning municipal department’s efficiency to deal with rain water.

In the video athe scooty is seen falling completely into the ditch along with the driver and pillion rider.

Passerbys can be seen rescuing the couple and helping them to coe out of the ditch. The fate of the scooty is not yet known.


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