VIDEO: Egyptian TV anchor Shaima Jamal’s last message to all women before her husband killed her


Shaima Jamal.

Gulf Today Report

The investigations of the Egyptian security services revealed new details about the murdering of the Egyptian broadcaster, Shaima Jamal, after her dead body was found.

Investigations conducted by the security services in Giza Governorate, Egypt, revealed that the victim’s husband was the killer.

The killer husband worked as a consultant at one of the prominent judicial authorities in Egypt, and he reportedly committed his crime following a dispute between him and the victim, who threatened him to tell his first wife of their customary marriage, which took place a few years ago.

The husband informed the Sheikh Zayed Police Station about the disappearance of his wife, the presenter Shaima Jamal, following her absence for a long time, after they went out together to buy some things.

According to investigations, and after checking the details of the victim’s life and her relationship with her husband, it turned out that the latter did not tell the truth of what had already happened.

During the search and investigations, a person headed to the police station to report that he had new detailed information about the incident.

The man told the police that the victim’s husband was the murderer and that he knew where her dead body was buried, adding that he was an accomplice in the crime.

A security force, accompanied by the accomplice rushed to a farm in the city of Badrashin in Giza, where he guided the police to the farm’s garden where the culprit buried the victim.

The dead body was recovered in the presence of the forensic doctor. It had deformities in the face and crushes in the bones of the skull.

Investigations proved that the victim was the culprit’s second wife and that she wanted to declare to the public their customary marriage, but he refused, so she threatened him to tell his first wife and his family.

He then got into rage and a verbal argument erupted between them, which incited him to commit his crime.


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