VIDEO: Fire extinguisher flies away during unsuccessful attempt to douse car fire in Russia


A videograb shows the fire extinguisher flying away from the scene of the inferno.

Gulf Today Report

A person trying to douse a car fire had the scariest moment in his life when the fire extinguisher launched like a rocket and flew out of his vicinity in Russia.  

According to local media, a car caught fire in the central region of Russia.

The man hurriedly got out and grabbed an extinguisher and was about to point it towards the fire. But somehow the extinguisher slipped from his hand and hit the ground.

It is noteworthy that a typical ABC rated dry chemical fire extinguisher is pressurised to around 185 to 195 PSI.

A CO2 extinguisher is pressurised to about 2000 PSI.

With that amount of pressure, it can explode like a bomb. Luckily it didn’t.

It just flew from the site of the crash site.

According to local media, no one was injured in the weird incident.

People nearby helped the man put out the car fire.

The extinguisher was found several metres away from the fire site.

Always remember, if you are in such a situation, before you open the safety valve for the fire extinguisher, first raise it from the ground level.

Have a firm grip and then open the safety valve. Keep a distance of three metres from the fire, press on the extinguisher with one hand, and project the nozzle with the other hand towards the fire.


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