VIDEO: Gas cylinder explosion destroys restaurant and nearby cars in Riyadh


Saudi Civil Defence staff work at the site of the explosion.

Gulf Today Report

The Saudi Civil Defense doused a fire that broke out after a gas cylinder explosion in a restaurant in Al-Saadah District of Riyadh.

There were severe damages to public property.

The Civil Defense stated on Twitter that the accident resulted in “damage to the site and a number of vehicles, and no injuries.”

The General Directorate of Civil Defense in Saudi Arabia had warned, earlier, of 3 technical reasons that lead to the outbreak of fires and explosion in restaurant.

The directorate explained, in a tweet, these three reasons, with the aim of taking caution and limiting the outbreak of fires.

The three causes included: “Poor electrical connections, excessive loading of gauges, and failure to install automatic circuit breakers.”

A massive fire broke out at dawn on Friday, in the Dhahran Mall complex in Saudi Arabia. .

Last month, the Civil Defence teams rushed to the site and are currently working to put out the fire.

Pictures and videos circulating on social media showed thick smoke billowing from the mall building.

The Civil Defence Directorate stated that the fire broke out in the ceiling insulators in the complex, and the extinguishing operations are still continuing, with no injuries recorded so far.


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