VIDEO: Indian policeman suspended for insensitivity after thrashing man with child in arms

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A policeman in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has been suspended for using excessive force in dealing a situation.

The horrifying incident took place in the Kanpur Dehat.

A policeman was filmed ruthlessly beating a man carrying a child in his arms with a laathi.

The officer was suspended for “insensitivity,” police outraged by the incident said.

In a clip lasting nearly a minute, the policeman, an inspector from the local police station, is first seen beating the man with sticks. Later, a second policeman is seen trying to violently yank the child out of the victim’s arms as the child wails.

The incident happened at the district hospital in Kanpur Dehat’s Akbarpur town on Thursday afternoon.

Throughout the agonizing clip, the man can be heard begging the police not to hurt the baby as he tries to escape the police.

Cops are chasing him and some are trying to force the child away from him.

The man also said, “The child has no mother.

In a shocking statement that seemed to justify the cops’ behavior, a senior Kanpur police officer stated that “light force” was used and that the police had in fact tried to protect the child.

“Some people were spreading lawlessness in the area by closing the surgery (OPD) of the hospital and scaring the patients, ”Kanpur Dehat Additional Police Superintendent Ghanshyam Chaurasia said in the statement.

The man’s brother, the main instigator, is an employee of the Akbarpur District Hospital of Kanpur Dehat and a “regular nuisance maker.”

However, Deputy Police Superintendent Arun Kumar Singh, agreed that excessive force was used in an interview with local media.

After immense outrage over the incident and the police response, the Kanpur Dehat Police Twitter handle released an email, stating that an investigation had been ordered and that the relevant police inspector had been removed from his post.

“This morning, another message from the official handle stated that “in checking the incident, the officer showed insensitivity… he has been suspended with immediate effect.

“Such behavior on the part of police personnel despite repeated instructions to comply with the dignity of every citizen is not acceptable,” the UP police also said on Twitter.

“Some demonstrators had blocked the OPD of the district hospital and stopped its services using mild force which is no justification for the insensitivity by the policeman,” it further read.


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