VIDEO: Man clings to building façade to rescue 3-year-old girl hanging from 8th floor in Kazakhstan


A combo image shows man rescuing the girl in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

Gulf Today Report

A brave man risked his life to rescue a three-year-old girl who was hanging from an eighth-floor window in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

According to local media, the man has been identified as 37-year-old Sabit Shontakbaev.

The man said that he was on his way to work in the morning and heard people screaming in the yard.

When he saw a child hanging in the window, he immediately rushed to help.

According to Shontakbaev, the girl was hanging there for about 10-15 minutes. He pulled her to rescue after clinging to the façade of the building. He then left for work.
According to local media, the baby was at home alone.

Social media users called upon the authorities to award the man.
The Kazakh Minister of Emergency Situations answered the call.

First Vice Minister of Emergency Situations Major General Kulshimbayev awarded Ibragim Batyr Shontakbayev Sabit with a badge, “For Courage in Emergency Situations.”

He said that, “On May 11, at 10.21 am, a message was received that a child was hanging from a window on the 8th floor at 27/1 Uly Dala Street.

“Nur-Sultan DES units consisting of 7 personnel and 2 units of equipment were sent to the scene.

“Upon arrival, it was discovered that a man rescued a child hanging from the cornice of the balcony on the eighth floor.”

The authorities were surprised by the man’s bravery and praised him.

The emergency unit urged parents not to leave children unattended.

They said, “If there is a small child in the house, do not leave the windows open, as a few seconds is enough, it may be the last moment in the child’s life or injure him.”


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