VIDEO: Man moves court, says wife beats him every now and then in India


A videograb shows the wife beating the man with a cricket bat.

Gulf Today Report

In a bizarre case of domestic violence, a school principal from Alwar district in Rajasthan moved the court to seek protection from physical and mental harassment of his wife.

According to the school Principal Ajit Singh Yadav, his wife beats him every now and then, leaving him mentally weak.

In a complaint to the police, the school principal claimed that his wife assaulted him with a frying pan, a stick and a cricket bat.

The distraught principal installed CCTV cameras in the house to gather evidence.

In one of the videos circulating on social media, the woman can be seen beating Singh with a cricket bat as her son looks on.

Singh went to the protective court and showed footage of the incident.

The court agreed to provide security for Singh.

Singh had married Suman, a resident of Sonipat, Haryana, after falling in love with her seven years ago.

At first their life was peaceful, but after a while the violence started.

With frequent violence, Singh suffered several injuries and sought medical help to treat them.

Singh says he endured the violence with the dignity of the teaching profession in mind.

“But now I have taken refuge in court because my wife has crossed all the lines.”

I have never raised my hand on Suman and I never took the law into my own hands. I am a teacher. If the teacher raises his hand on a woman and takes the law into his own hands, then it is against Indian culture and his position.


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