VIDEO: Mother bear survives fall off cliff while defending cub from vicious attack in Spain mountain


A videograb shows the two bears fighting on the edge of the cliff in Palencia, Spain.

Gulf Today Report

A mother bear survived a spectacular fall from a cliff while defending her cub from a larger male bear attack in Spain.

The agonizing but moving battle put up by the mother bear against the male bear has gone viral.

The incident took place in a rocky area of Spain.
The video showed the mother bear fighting with a much larger male on the edge of a cliff in the Castile-León area near Palencia, until the two of them fall from a great height into the rocks.

As shown in the video, the male’s body remains motionless after the fall, while the disoriented and injured female appears to stand up and walk away limping.

After two days of searching, the rangers located the mother bear and her baby in a burrow 15 meters deep.

Using a special camera and hooks, they left fruit and water there, according to the Environment service.
Male attacks on female bears with babies are not uncommon during the mating season.

There are about 400 bears in the Spanish mountains, most of them in the north and about 70 of them in the Pyrenees, on the border with France.

In 2021, a video of a huge bear jumping through a car window in search of food went viral on social media platforms.  

The video shows the brown bear walking into a quiet neighbourhood with cars parked.

The bear first got in the pickup truck and inspected its contents.

The animal then got off and went towards the SUV parked nearby.   

It was the SUV which had its window rolled down.

The bear made several attempts, then with a final jump got into the car very much like a human being.

The way it jumped its way into the car will give you goosebumps.


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