VIDEO: Motorist captures ‘thug bull’ that was terrorising passersby and cars in Oman


A combo image shows bull disturbing the traffic flow in Oman.

Gulf Today Report

A thug bull runaway bull terrorized passersby and cars in the Sultanate of Oman. Videos of the incident have gone viral on social media.

A clip shows the raging bull chasing a passerby as he runs for his life. A trucker stops midway and somehow challenges the bull. 

After several attempts the, the trucker manages to garb the bull’s leash and runs towards the light pole.

The bull was caught off guard, with the man tying the rope around the pole to bring order in the streets.    

The brave man was praised for his efforts. Authorities have urged to keep their animals restricted to their farmlands and make sure they don’t escape the area.



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