VIDEO: Nurse asking for arrears reprimanded by hospital director in Lebanon


A videograb shows the hospital director beating the nurse.

Gulf Today Report

A video clip showing a Lebanese hospital director assaulting a nurse, who demanded her arrears overdue for almost four months, aroused widespread anger on social media.

According to the circulated data, the incident took place in Bint Jbeil Hospital when the nurse Fatima Yahya tried to claim her arrears from the hospital director that had been overdue for around four months. The director, however, reprimanded her and pushed her several times in the presence of a number of people, as shown in a posted video about the incident.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese Ministry of Health announced that it summoned those concerned with the incident, pledging to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the causes and circumstances of the incident before taking the necessary decisions.

A journalist, Wafaa Baydoun wrote on Twitter, “What was documented in the video in Bint Jbeil Governmental Hospital is very ugly, from a doctor and its chairman, who is supposed to bear the banner of humanity. All attempts to justify fell before the scene of the verbal and physical assault on the nurse Fatima Yahya.

“Doctor Tawfiq Faraj, a Shameful figure against humanity?”

The video spread fast on social media among so many people who expressed their sympathy with the nurse, calling for penalties to be imposed on the hospital director to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.



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