VIDEO: Omani man rescues two children from certain death


A videograb shows Omani man rescuing two kids.

Gulf Today Report

In a heroic scene, an Omani man rescued two children from certain death in the Sultanate of Oman on Friday, after they were swept away by violent surface run-off in a valley in Bahla.

The speed of water almost smashed their bodies on the rocks, but the brave man succeeded in rescuing them and got them out of the water, while carrying them safely.

Recently, two Omani young men, Ali and Salem, who went missing while they were fishing in deep sea, were spotted offshore Pakistan after 10 days on their boat by a ship belonging to the Pakistani Navy.

From that ship the two young men made a phone call to their families in Oman, who were overwhelmed by happiness when they heard voice of their missing sons and reassured that they are alright. It is said that the monsoons swept them away towards coasts of Pakistan.


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