VIDEO: Pakistani heroic driver speeds burning oil tanker away from city to save lives


A combo image shows Faisal speeding driving away the burning tanker in Quetta.

Mian Mujahid Shah, Gulf Today

A heroic act by an oil tanker driver in the Pakistani city of Quetta saved the lives on hundreds of people on Wednesday.

The braveheart driver risked his life and drove his burning tanker, laden with more than 44,000 liters of fuel, from a petrol pump to a safer place outside the city.

In what appears like a scene from a Hollywood movie, happened in real life.

Faisal Baloch sped off his oil tanker when it caught fire at a petrol pump in Quetta city.

“I thought now the oil tanker will explode and I will die,” Faisal said as the video of him driving his burning tanker through a busy street goes viral on social media.

In a video on social media, the hero driver while recalling the horrifying moments, said: “When I saw the fire, I rushed to drive away despite the flames.”

The driver’s efforts finally bore fruit as hundreds of people rushed towards the oil tanker with fire extinguishers once it was stopped and managed to douse the flames.

Social media users have lauded the oil tank driver for his selfless act.

A used said, “I salute this man! He certainly saved many lives today! He is a Hero, May Allah bless him!


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