VIDEO: People stop moving car with their hands to save unconscious driver and avert accident


A videograb shows people stopping the car with their hands in Florida.

Gulf Today Report

The police in the American city of Florida shared a video of a frightening situation of a woman who fell unconscious in her car while driving in a crowded street, and a mass heroic act of the city’s residents that averted an eminent disaster.

The video showed the car moving strangely after stopping at a red light, entering a crowded intersection and causing panic among other motorists in Boynton Beach, Florida.

The Police later revealed that the car driver had a sudden seizure which caused her to fall unconscious, and lost control of her car, according to the American station ABC.

Another woman noticed what was happening and followed the car to the dangerous intersection, and started calling out to passersby to help her stop the car.

A number of young men stopped the car, when they united and blocked the car with their hands and backs, until it stopped.

Then they smashed the window to get in, got the woman out of the car, and drove it to a nearby parking lot.

The police said that a nurse was in the parking lot, called an ambulance, and provided medical care until the ambulance arrived.

The nurse said she shared the video with police in the hope of honouring the people in the video, who got off their vehicles to help the woman in this difficult situation.


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