VIDEO: Plane parachutes to ground after midair malfunctioning in unthinkable move


A combo image shows the light aircraft landing with the help of parachute.

Gulf Today Report

Social media users in Belgium are circulating a video clip that showed the moment a small plane landed vertically in a city with the help of a parachute. The pilot managed to get out of it alive with minor injuries.

According to local media, eyewitnesses heard the sound of an explosion and looked at the sky, where they saw a plane landing vertically towards the ground with the help of a parachute.

They were surprised by a parachute installed on the tail of the plane that helped slow the speed of its fall, on a street in Bruges, northwest Belgium, on Friday afternoon.

The biggest surprise was when the pilot came out of the destroyed plane on the ground, reeling, only to find out later that he had minor injuries.

Officials said the pilot, who was not named, had extensive aviation experience.

They added that the reason for the pilot’s survival was almost certainly due to the plane’s system, which launches a parachute that reduces the speed of the fall, reducing injuries to people in the collision.


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