VIDEO: Puppy’s birthday party lands hosts in jail for defying COVID-19 safety protocols


Indian Spitz Abby with its owner.

Gulf Today Report

India recorded nearly 160,000 COVID-19 cases overnight, which is up nearly six-fold from a week earlier as country struggle to contain the fresh wave of infections.

Country has imposed stringent measure to curb the spread of virus, but there are few who are hell bent on breaking the law and putting their as well as others’ lives in danger.

In Gujarat’s city of Ahmedabad three people were arrested for throwing a lavish party on the second birthday of their puppy.

Once police got information about the party it raided the venue and to their surprise the found that all the COVID-19 safety protocols were sent for a toss.

Video footage shows a crowd of people dancing in front of an ornate stage at Friday’s party.

According to the police the lavish second birthday celebration cost Rs700,000 (nearly $10,000), which included a birthday cake and giant photo cutouts of Abby, an Indian Spitz and the soiree’s guest of honour.

Police say that as per COVID-19 protocol, it is necessary to take permission before organising a party and organisers are responsible for ensuring social distancing among guests.

The arrested trio were later released on bail.



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