VIDEO: Rare Strawberry Supermoon brightens up UAE skies for stargazers


The Strawberry Supermoon rises over Sharjah. Photo: John Varughese/ Gulf Today

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

A rare Strawberry Supermoon thrilled skygazers in the UAE on Tuesday night allowing photographers to capture stunning images at around the landmarks across the seven emirates.

June’s full moon, known as ‘Strawberry Supermoon,’ illuminated the minarets in Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE.

The June 14 moon was closest to the earth, marking the last ‘Supermoon’ of the year.

The moon appeared to naked eye from 7:30pm.

The authorities said that this supermoon is one of four that will grace the skies this year.

On May 16, a supermoon was witnessed.

A supermoon is a full moon or a new moon that approximately coincides with the closest distance that the Moon reaches to Earth in its elliptical orbit (less than 360,000 km), resulting in a larger-than-usual apparent size of the lunar disk as seen from Earth.

The Moon darkened and turned red — a result of sunlight refracting off the Earth’s rim onto the lunar surface —- basking our satellite in a sunrise- or sunset-tinged glow.

Unlike a solar eclipse, the phenomenon was safely visible to the naked eye.

Skygazers took to high-rise buildings, tourist landmarks and beaches to catch the glimpse of the closest supermoon to Earth.

The extreme east of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Russia, Australia and New Zealand enjoyed the spectacle on Tuesday late night, weather depending, as the Moon rose there.



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