VIDEO: Saudi man rents camels for 48 hours, gets $5.3 million


A camel is seen at a reserve in Saudi Arabia. File

Gulf Today Report

A deal of the century has been signed in Saudi Arabia with camels in focus.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Camel Club in Saudi Arabia, Fahd Bin Falah Bin Hithleen, published a video clip documenting the deal to rent camels for 20 million riyals (about $5.3 million) for 48 hours.

Hithleen shared the video on his Twitter account.

He wrote, “Today is a historic day in every sense (in the world of camels) with the completion of a deal with camel owner Abdullah Bin Odeh, on the largest rental deal for some of his camel units for 48 hours only for 20 million riyals with Abdullah Al-Dabbous.”

Local Saudi media reported that the deal is “the largest in the world of camels.”

Bin Hatthlin said that “regional competitions are coming, and that prices will rise, sending a message to all owners that each maintains its lawfulness.”

He added, “The camels will not have an economic list if we treat them like children.

“We neither rent them nor sell them.

“We must change our view of camels, and I hope all owners will follow the example of Abdullah Bin Odeh.”

Last time, the camels got so much attention was when the animals were enjoying a rare snowfall in Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk region.

A video shared on Twitter showed the camels  enjoying the change in weather and are looking least bothered about the impact of snow turning parts of their bodies into white colour.

However, the video went viral.


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