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VIDEO: Saudis can apply for UK e-visa waiver, starting June 1

The Saudi passport on display.

Gulf Today Report

Britain announced that it is easing the visa system for Saudi visitors and tourists wishing to visit the country.

The move comes into effect from June.

Saudis can apply to visit the United Kingdom by applying for an electronic visa 48 hours before the visit, without the need to submit a prior application.

The British ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Neil Crompton, posted a video clip, saying: “I would like to tell you about important improvements in the visa system for Saudi tourists and visitors to Britain.

“Starting next June, it will be possible for any Saudi citizen to submit a visa application online.”

He continued: “The system is simple, fast and inexpensive, and represents an important improvement and is in line with the desire of the two governments to improve and strengthen relations between the two countries, especially between the two peoples. I am very happy, welcome to you all to Britain.”

The Saudi embassy in the United Kingdom welcomed the decision of the British authorities to exempt its citizens from visa procedures, and only obtain an electronic exemption to enter the United Kingdom.

According to the British government, an electronic visa waiver (EVW) can be obtained in lieu of the visa, with a payment of £30.

To apply for an EVW exemption, 3 things are required:

-Attaching a passport,
-Having a residence address in the United Kingdom,
-Specifying flight details, including departure and arrival dates and times.

The EVW allows you to visit the UK for up to 6 months for tourism, study or medical treatment, but if you visit for another reason, you should check if a visa is needed instead.

The British government stressed that the applicant cannot use his visa to: work in the United Kingdom, marry, or register a civil partnership, and that “EVW” allows entry to the United Kingdom only once, and if he wants to repeat entry again, he must obtain a new EVW or visa.



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