Video shows car deliberately runs over a woman in Lebanon, sparks public ire


A videograb shows the car approaching the woman in Beirut.

Gulf Today Report

A horrific run-over accident occurred in Al-Rehab locality in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, where a speeding car hit a woman crossing the road, which led to her death on the spot, according to local media.

The video clip shows the moment the woman was ready to cross the road, where she stopped for a while, and then a speeding car hit.

The camera caught that the driver deliberately ran over the woman.

The video spread like wildfire on Lebanese social networking sites, causing a state of anger, after the woman’s death, calling on the concerned authorities to search for him, arrest him and impose a deterrent punishment against him.

The incident came a few days after a run-down incident in Beirut, where a car ran over a group of students who were fighting in front of a school, causing injuries.


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