VIDEO: Speeding motorcyclist flies over car, dies after head-on crash in Los Angeles


An aerial view of the accident site.

Gulf Today Report

A deadly collision between an overspeeding motorcycle and a car in Los Angeles resulted in the death of the biker and minor injuries to the car passengers.

According to the police the biker was allegedly fleeing away on a stolen motorcycle when he met with the accident.

Police, however, deny that the biker was being chased by them at the time of the accident.

“Typically we don’t pursue motorcycles because of how fast they can accelerate and the dangers that it poses,” said Melissa Podany, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police department.

Aerial footage shows that the rider was reportedly moving at a speed as high as 185 kmph down Roscoe Boulevard

The impact of the accident was so huge that the biker flew about 100 feet over the car before landing on the sidewalk.

The rider was pronounced dead by paramedics.

Earlier in the day the Los Angeles Police Department had put out a broadcast about a stolen motorcycle in the San Fernando Valley area.

It was unclear exactly where police first encountered the rider.

Christopher Lussier, who lives near the crash, noted that Roscoe Boulevard runs slightly downhill.

“This apparently is a good place to accelerate, in a long straightaway with four lanes wide,” he told an OC Hawk videographer.



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