VIDEO: Teenage Saudi girl beats up friend ‘playfully,’ gets arrested

Gulf Today Report

The Saudi Police have taken a teenage girl into custody after a video of her violently assaulting and kicking another girl in public went viral on social media platforms. 

The authorities said on Twitter, “The Riyadh Police were able to identify a girl who assaulted another in a public place.”

“The media spokesman for the region’s police explained that the identity of the girl who appeared in a circulating video has been confirmed, pointing out that legal measures are being taken against her.”

According to sources, the victim is the oppressor’s friend. It is not clear what prompted such action, but according to the oppressor it was supposed to be taken playfully.

Saudis and netizens were furious about the girl’s behavior with some calling for her to be sent to a rehabilitation centre.

Saudi national Hamad Bin Ibrahim Al-Mutairi said, “What style is this and what rudeness these behaviors the aggressor must be held accountable…”

Emad wrote on Twitter, “Violence is pre-agreed…
“Filming is ready, and when the violence is finished, we hear from the photographer a legend.”

Kenny wrote, “And you still call her  “friend” after what she did… are you kidding me? Stop representing (violence) as friendship… we all know that it’s not, I hope she gets what she deserves and if I see one person defending what she did then he / she will become like her…”

A Twitter user wrote, “Send her to a psychological rehabilitation centre so she doesn’t become a serial killer.”

Though it is too early to reach a conclusion that she suffers from a psychological disorder and needs rehabilitation, media users have called for strict punishment.

Another Saudi national, Haidi said, “The ministry must put an end to this. Unfortunately, it has spread in our schools because the punishment is only 10 days of house arrest. She must be publicly shamed, and then a complete separation, so that she does not think to extend her hand ever again.”

Basmah Altuwaijri said, “Who is her friend? It’s her victim!
“The issue is too big for us to be silent about it. This girl and her family must bear the responsibility, because in the coming times, hitting one of them may lead to disability or even death, God forbid.”

A middle-aged person whose name has been withheld said, “No, it is not normal. What’s wrong with this generation? The concept of bullying is widespread in a way that is frightening. We did not have this thing….”

Bullying in schools has been a widespread thing in the kingdom, and concerned authorities are taking stringent steps to fight it off.


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