VIDEO: Thief dances after robbery at hardware shop, remains out of police reach in India


A videograb shows the dancing thief.

Gulf Today Report

Success sometimes gets into your head, and you overlook everything to celebrate it without knowing much about the surroundings. This situation may get one into trouble.    

A similar, rather a bizarre incident took place after a robbery in India. The thief started dancing after his successful robbery inside the shop, and the moment was caught in the shop’s CCTV camera.

We assume a jig would probably be the last thing that could come in the mind of a thief on the job.

However, this happened. The thief in Uttar Pradesh’s Chandauli district was in mood to celebrate his moment when he sneaked into a hardware shop over the weekend.

According to a viral video, the man entered the shop, stole cash and some goods and then started dancing.

The thief, whose face was covered, apparently saw a CCTV camera inside the shop and then danced without thinking about the result or effect.

The shop owner Anshu Singh said that the thief took all the cash and also stole goods worth thousands of rupees.

The crime was detected when Singh opened his shop after seeing the broken shutter and went through the CCTV footage.

The footage shows the thief entering the store with his face covered, stealing what he wants, dancing, and then sneaking away.

The police said that they have scanned the footage and hope to catch the culprit soon.


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