VIDEO: Thief steals car in 10 seconds at petrol station in Saudi Arabia


A videograb shows a man stealing the car.

Gulf Today Report

In a brazen act, a man stole a car in broad daylight at a petrol station in Saudi Arabia.

It took the thief 10 seconds to steal the car and exit the petrol station.

The video released by police showed the thief walking into the supermart at the station.

A bearded Saudi national arrives in a car at the station.

The man can be seen parking the car at the designated spaces.

He then goes straight to the supermarket.

The young Arab man exits the supermarket and looks around the station.

He then goes behind the white sedan of the Saudi national and tries to look inside if anyone is present in the car.

He also realises that the cars ignition is on.

The man hurriedly gets in the car, reverses and exits the station in 10 seconds.

It is noteworthy that the car was left by its owner on ignition at a gas station.

The wiley man was waiting for the right moment to complete the theft.

The Saudi Traffic Department has advised the necessity of making sure the vehicle’s engine is turned off and the keys are removed as well when getting off it, noting that leaving the vehicle open and in the operating position after leaving it is a “traffic violation” under Saudi laws.


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