VIDEO: Turkish youth catch Syrian child who fell off third floor in Istanbul


A videograb shows the Turkish youth catching the Syrian child in Istanbul.

Gulf Today Report

Turkish youth caught a Syrian child who fell from the third floor of a building in the Zeytinburnu area of Istanbul.

The child was stuck on the balcony of his house.

Local media reported that the scene of the child sparked terror in the area, before the owners of a number of shops in the area came to the rescue and were able to extend their hands to catch the child.

The authorities said that some people took off their shirts, while others extended their hands and prepared to catch the child who was clinging to the edge of the balcony, and soon the child fell into their hands.

He was rushed to the hospital.

A video clip of the incident has gone viral on social media.

The video showed a number of people gathering in a narrow street, looking up before a number of them gathered under the balcony, and it was only seconds until one of them grabbed him with his hands near a parked car without hitting the ground.

Dogan Gumustas, one of the child’s rescuers, told local media that he was sitting with some of his friends, and they saw the child Muhammad hanging from the balcony, so they gathered in a circular motion under the balcony, and some tried to go up to the apartment to tell the parents, but they found no one.

Local media said that the child was unable to stand, while the doctors reported that the child did not suffer from any fractures or bruises as a result of the falling into the hands of the rescuers.

A family friend thanked the child’s rescuers.

Turkish media said that the child’s mother was at home, but she did not notice that the boy slipped into the balcony.

The authorities have urged parents to be vigilant around children and not to let doors and windows be left open to avoid such incidents.  


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