VIDEO: Wheel falls off car, rolls down road at high speed for kilometres in Saudi Arabia


A videograb shows the tyre rolling down the road.

Gulf Today Reporter

In a bizarre incident, a spare wheel fell off a car in Saudi Arabia’s Qiddiya mountain road and rolled down the track at a high speed for kilometres before hitting a fence and lobbing into the valley. 

A passenger travelling along the road captured the incident.

The video clip showed the wheel rolling along the centre lane of the highway.

The videographer in the car was chasing the tyre.

At one point, the tyre could be seen changing lanes until it veered to the right and hit the adjacent fence, then lobbed down without injuring anyone.

It is noteworthy that recently, a similar incident occurred, in which the tyre came off a truck on a road forcing the driver to lose control and collide with other incoming vehicles.


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