Wedding guests shield themselves from rain with tarpaulin and keep moving towards marriage venue


A combo image shows the Wedding guests shield themselves with tarpaulin in rain.

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People in India are used to facing challenges, like power cuts, lack of some proper classroom facilities, potholes on the roads… But there is always a solution.  

If you can’t study at home because of what is known as load shedding, there is always a lantern or even candlelight. So what if there is no classroom, the open air is no less an avenue to impart learning to students.

If the bridegroom behaves in an irritating and intolerable way during a wedding, he can be replaced with one of the guests, or relatives.

Talking of bridegrooms, this is what happened at a recent event in Indore, India.

The groom’s wedding procession to the bride’s house (baraat) was hit by a downpour. But the cavalcade carried on, with a huge tarpaulin covering the heads of the participants shielding them from the elements.
Some of them came out of the canopy and danced to catchy Bollywood numbers.

Thousands have clicked on the video.

It just goes to show that it is not just manmade problems that Indians can overcome, they also know how to handle nature’s moods, and make it look easy-peasy. If it is tipping down, they know how to gear up for the hurdle and tackle it accordingly, instead of letting it dampen their plans. Improvising is key.


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