Wife breaks husband’s fingers as he intends to marry again in Dubai


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Mohamed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Court sentenced an Asian couple to six months in jail to be followed by deportation over the charge of assaulting each other.

A clash broke out between the convicted couple, when the husband informed his wife that he intended to marry another woman.

The wife after hearing that beats up the husband and broke his fingers.

He also reacted and slapped her on her ear, causing a hearing impairment to her estimated at 2 per cent.

The Court heard that a dispute broke out between an Asian man and his wife, before it developed into a verbal argument, which ended by that the spouses assaulted each other.

Dubai-Court A view of the Dubai Courts.

The 25-year-old wife reported that she had been surprised by her husband telling her of his intention to marry another woman, and that he would not fulfill her marital rights anymore. The altercation developed into fighting, where he slapped her in the face, beat her up, and attempted to strangle her.

Meanwhile, the 24-year-old husband stated that his wife had not accept his decision to marry another woman, and that she had assaulted and insulted him. The wife assaulted the husband by firmly holding and pushing back fingers of his right hand with both hands, causing fractures in his fingers.

According to the wife’s medical report, she sustained multiple bruises on the forehead, nose, neck and chest, as well as a punctured hole in the left eardrum and a slight deformation of the nasal septum that required treatment for a period of more than twenty days.

While the husband’s medical report stated that he sustained a fracture in the fourth and fifth metacarpals of the right hand with a 3-cm-long wound in the scalp (forehead), causing a permanent disability estimated at 2 per cent.

The Court found them guilty, so it sentenced them to jail to be followed by deportation. .


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