Woman miraculously survives certain death after being pushed in front of a moving train


A combo image shows woman being pushed onto the railway track.

Gulf Today Report

Luck smiled on a Belgian woman who was pushed onto a railway track with the approaching train halting just in the nick of time and the woman avoided certain death.

The incident happened on subway tracks in the Belgian capital, Brussels.

A strange incident captured by metro cameras in Brussels shows a man pushed the woman on the subway tracks a few seconds before the arrival of the train, causing panic among the passengers standing on the platform.

The metro driver succeeded in stopping the train just inches away from her.

Praising the driver Guy Sablon, a spokesman for the local public transport operator in Brussels, said that he behaved very well and he reacted quickly, which contributed to saving the woman from certain death.

Sarah Durant, a spokeswoman for the police in Brussels, indicated that cameras installed in the metro station contributed to the identification and detention of of the perpetrator within  few minutes of the incident.






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